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I'm Sorrel, a learning specialist with 15+ years experience working across the education and technology sectors. I bring together my experiences delivering programmes of learning and working alongside high performing software teams with my passion for lifelong learning and personal growth.

As an engineer myself, I speak the language of software teams, drawing inspiration from modern software engineering to create flexible learning solutions. I look for evidence and data to support my work while advocating for holistic and person-centred approaches to learning and leadership.

Why LaaS

1 Achieve greater autonomy and flexibility

Individuals and teams must take responsibility for their own learning in order to achieve true autonomy. Think of LaaS as an enabling team, seeking to increase the autonomy and learning efficacy of those it serves. Ideally it is short lived, offering a cost-saving alternative to a more traditional HR-led Learning & Development (L&D) function.

LaaS represented as an enabling team in Team Topologies notation

2 Support transformation

For digital transformation to work, it's the people as well the technology that need to evolve. Transforming people is a gradual process, and one that can't be administered via YouTube tutorials or an e-learning platform. It calls on leaders to build a culture in which people are supported to learn autonomously. LaaS can help you to do that.

Watch me talk about how lean and agile methodologies can support autonomous learning!

Sorrel speaking at LeadDev Berlin 2022 on a Lean Agile Approach to Learning & Development

LeadDev Berlin 2022

3 Nurture innovation and resilience

In a recession, L&D will be the first thing many leaders think of cutting back on. What they may fail to understand is that learning is a habit. You cannot turn it off and on will. When you make learning cuts, your learning culture may suffer, and your people may lose their learning efficacy. This is bad news for innovation and resilience within a fast-changing sector.

However... it is possible to continue to nurture a culture of continuous learning on a more modest budget.

I will work with you, using data-driven approaches, to help you make the best decisions around learning for your business and its people.


I offer a range of coaching services to support within-work continuous learning. These include learning 1-1s, in which I work with individuals to build and maintain a learning backlog; coaching teams on group learning behaviours; and coaching leaders on supporting and embedding learning in their teams.

Read about how I am Bringing Lean and Agile to Professional Development on Medium.

"Sorrel's knowledge of resources and connections with other experts accelerated my learning. I encounter many competing demands for attention. Her help with structuring personal development over time was invaluable for helping me keep focused."
"Fleshing out my values and writing a personal value statement really helped me focus on what I want. It helped guide me and it was an invaluable activity when reflecting on what I want to do."

Consulting on Learning

Every situation is different and brings unique challenges. As a learning consultant, I can work in partnership with you to identify your goals around learning and design your learning strategy around them. As part of this process, I may suggest running culture and/or skills assessments with your teams.

It may also be the case that you have a specific problem you’re facing around learning and development and would like some advice on how to approach it.

I am eager to get to know you and your business, so please book a free, no-obligation 15-minute coffee chat.

Uplifting Learning

I offer a variety of workshops and hands-on training designed to uplift learning capability in teams. For a taste of what's on offer, download the Product Catalogue. All of these can be tailored to meet your needs.

I also offer a Learning Enhancement Service, whereby I help you maximise the impact of training and other forms of work-based learning your team(s) undertakes.

As an experienced and highly qualified educator, I can advise you and your teams on all aspects of training, including curriculum design, content development, and delivery.

Cross-functional Events

I design and facilitate cross-functional learning events that will engage your people and foster collective learning.

Read about how I transformed Armakuni's company-wide inset days into Impactful Cross-Functional Learning Events

"Sorrel has made AK Days unforgettable experiences... She was even recording update videos before they were cool - I don't know whether the pirate video or the bucket on the head video is my favourite - but they're both permanently etched into my brain."

- Ben Steele, CDO at Armakuni

Case Studies

A summary of some recent engagements. Follow LaaS on LinkedIn for the latest news and content.

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